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Fliser & Planker

1118 SAKIA

  • Plank
  • 22.9 cm X 125 cm
Total tykkelse
  • 5.40 mm
  • Integrert akustisk bakside: ideell produktløsning for tung renovering
  • 100 % fri for ftalater
  • 100 % resirkulerbar


Nye Rigid LVT med akustisk underlag er tilgjengelig i et bredt utvalg av trendy design.
  • Interlocking system
Akustikk (Lyddempende egenskap)
  • 21 dB
Sklihemmende egenskaper
  • R10
  • <0.10 mm
  • Bfl-s1
  • 23/31

Virtuo 30 Rigid Acoustic, the reference for renovation

Diversity and realism of the decors Virtuo 30 Rigid Acoustic offers 32 stunning colors: parquet, waxed concrete, stone: The very realistic appearance of the blades and its matte finish will enhance the feeling of warmth in your home while blending perfectly with the style of your interior. The beauty of the worked and luminous woods of our imitation parquet planks such as "Daintree Honey", the modernity and purity of our "Latina" type concrete effect, the elegance and simplicity of stone "Tavla": all will bring aesthetics to your space, without the inconveniences of installing and maintaining these expensive and technical floor coverings.

Easy renovation just a click away!

The great advantage of this range is the possibility of installing on a deformed support! This makes the Virtuo 30 Rigid Acoustic PVC floor an ideal solution for a renovation. Installation is therefore possible, for example, on tiles if the joints are less than 8 mm wide and 3 mm deep. As with the majority of Gerflor PVC planks, the support must be flat, dry, rigid and clean. In addition, the underlay being already incorporated into the product, you will not need to add one during your installation. Available in plank (229 x 1250 mm), XL plank (229 x 1492 mm) or slab (399 x 730 mm) format, Virtuo 30 Rigid Acoustic vinyl plank or tile has an integrated acoustic underlay that limits noise especially if you live upstairs.

Laying without glue, Virtuo Rigid 30 Acoustic is suitable for laying on a heated floor hydraulic. However, installation on electric underfloor heating is prohibited. Resistant to humidity, they are ideal for installation in the kitchen and bathroom.
The reliability of the rigid, at home

The main advantage of this PVC floor is its rigidity: it will not move if you try to bend it, this rigidity allows resistance to deformation under the effects of time and heat. Highly non-slip (R10), thus reducing the risk of slipping, this vinyl floor is also capable of withstanding very heavy loads: the residual indentation after static load does not exceed 0.10 mm. Gerflor's rigid PVC floor is resistant to synthetic products and chairs with wheels. It is antistatic and flame retardant (Bfl-s1). The product is resistant to UV rays.

Gerflor is committed to you.

Phthalate-free, 100% recyclable, Virtuo 30 Rigid Acoustic tiles and planks are part of an eco-responsible approach. The range, like all Gerflor products, is Made in Europe and classified A+ for indoor air quality, with a very low level of fine particle emissions. Choosing Gerflor vinyl tiles and planks is as good for the environment as it is for your health. Its resistance to chemical products allows maintenance with ecological household products or black soap. And to be sure to keep your Gerflor floor spotless for a long time, remember to protect the legs of your chairs and furniture to avoid any risk of scratches.

The warranty for the decors in this collection is 12 years.

(Virtuo 30 Rigid Acoustic vinyl tiles and planks, 32 colours. Total thickness: 5.4 mm; Wear layer thickness: 0.30 mm; Three sizes: 229X1492, 229x1250mm and 399x730mm; Weight: 6900 g/m². See details technique for other characteristics).


  • 100%
Recycled content
  • 35%
TVOC etter 28 dager
  • <10 µg/m3
  • A+

Interior Designer

Tekniske spesifikasjoner

  • Verdi
    Length 125 cm
    Width 22.9 cm
    Surface/box 2.00 m²
    Unit/box 7
    Surface treatment PUR+ Matt
    Overall thickness 5.40 mm
    Thickness of the wearlayer 0.30 mm
    Installation system covering Interlocking system
    Format details Plank
    NCS 4020-Y30R
    LRV 28.4
  • Verdi
    European classification domestic 23
    European classification commercial 31
  • Verdi
    Reaction to fire Bfl-s1
    Slip resistance wet shod feet R10
    Wear resistance <2.0 mm3
    Electro conductive Nei
    Impact sound insulation 21 dB
  • Verdi
    Recycling rate 100%
    Recycling content 35%
    TVOC after 28 days with unit <10 µg/m3
    Product certificates A+, RTS Emission class M1


Benefit videos

Benefit videos

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